Gone At Last is a band consisting of two Americans, Karl Aasland (mandolin, guitar, vocals) and Jeff Wasserman (guitar, mandolin, vocals), and three Norwegians, Jørun Bøgeberg (bass, vocals), Terje Kinn (banjo, guitar, vocals) and Knut Hem (dobro). Officially formed in 1982, the band’s roots trace back to 1975 in Haugesund. Their debut album, released in 1985, was nominated for the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) Award in the Country category.
Gone At Last’s unique style blends bluegrass, swing, blues, and rock, described as “Newgrass” or “Rhythm & Bluegrass.” They have completed two extensive USA tours, performing at notable festivals such as the Waterloo Bluegrass Festival, Snug Harbor Bluegrass Festival and Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival, and opened two shows for Emmylou Harris in New York.
The band received praise from both Norwegian and international press and succeeded in touring Swedish folk parks, including the prestigious Västervik and Waxholm festivals. They appeared on the Västervik festival’s 20th-anniversary album and a TV special with Ewert Ljusberg. Their educational program, “This Land is Your Land,” toured Norwegian schools, showcasing the evolution of American folk music.
Gone At Last has performed extensively across Norway, including clubs, military bases, oil platforms, and major festivals like Molde Jazz, Kalvøya, Haugesund Roots Festival, and Down on the Farm. They also opened for “The Band” during their Scandinavian tour in 1994. Their latest CD album, “Still Out There,” received high ratings from critics, including 5 stars in VG and Beat Magazine.
The band was put on ice in 2002 and reunited for a concert in 2016 at the Haugesund Vise & Lyrikkfestival and will reunite again to celebrate Jeff’s 70th Birthday and will digitally release their 1994 album “Still Out There” on the same day, June 6th, 2024.