2023 – Headwind Records

When the American ex-pat veteran songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and award-winning lyricist (TONOs Edvardpris for Lyrics – 2016) Jeff Wasserman released his last recording, “The Meeting of the Waters”, (2018) that featured guests such as Paul Brady, Andy Irvine, Jonas Fjeld, Brennen Leigh, Knut Reiersrud, and Claudia Scott; it was widely hailed as a masterpiece both in the press and by the likes of the infamous producer T Bone Burnett.

One man’s journey to the center of American music, and his trip back out to make his own … Jeff has conquered the world through his soulful discovery”. – T Bone Burnett

After realizing that it would require six multi-instrumentalists to perform his finely woven compositions live, Wasserman assembled a stellar band comprising multi-instrumentalist acoustic performers from Norway, Sweden, and the USA. This multinational and multigenerational group was named “Jeffrey’s Reverie” (reverie = daydream).

“Jeffrey’s Reverie” has toured Norway extensively for the past four years and developed a unique, eclectic sound that draws inspiration from traditional American, Celtic, and Scandinavian folk music. Jeff Wasserman’s eclectic and exceptional songwriting, combined with the vocal harmony chemistry of the band’s three signature vocalists, Jeff, Anne Marit Bergheim, and Marius Graff, is a defining and driving force behind their music. On this new album “We Shall Dance Again”, each member takes on lead vocal duties. Half of the album was recorded live-in-the-studio, fresh off the road from the band’s 2019 Fall tour. The remainder was recorded in Wasserman’s Pigpen studios during the Corona lockdown.

“… dazzling musicality, individual performances from everyone on stage, poignant lyrics… In short, one of the best concerts I have seen in many, many years. You’d have to look far and wide to find this level of musicality, the joy of playing, and not least – repertoire”. – Dust of Daylight

Wasserman rejects the idea that music should be confined to boxes and instead focuses on the difference between good and bad music. He laments the current trend of algorithms and genre-specific media channels – or as he calls it, “cultural segregation”. Having experienced multi-genre, “mixed-bag” radio, festivals and concerts in the late 60s and early 70s, such as Woodstock, Newport Jazz, and Fillmore East, Wasserman is definitely a child of the times, but also a man who has been in continuous development until today.

On “We Shall Dance Again” you will hear a unique multi-generational band, Jeffrey’s Reverie, and an eclectic mix of Jugband, American String Band, Keltisk, Swing, American String Band, and Americana music. Lyrically, you’ll find a wide range of Wasserman’s strong narratives culled from a long and colorful life. Collectively, they all fall under the “Acoustic Ear Candy” music genre if you will.

Jeff Wasserman and Jeffrey’s Reverie hereby invite EVERYONE into this acoustic candy store – regardless of age, gender, race, or associated music genre. We would be truly honored if you would take the time to sit back and truly listen.